About us

We are Kevin and Samuel.

Kevin finished his Bachelor in Computer Science in 2017 and Samuel finished his Master in Embedded Systems in 2019.

Out of school, we both found a job and each rented a flat.

We were ready to take on life.

But how?

This is a question that haunted us. We were thinking about now, but our minds wandered in the future. How can we make sure that our life now is good? We have a job, a flat, a car, …

But how can we also ensure that it always stays the same?

What about in 40 years? Yes, it is far away in the future. Unfortunately, we found out that you need to think about your retirement right when you start to work.

We had all these questions and we thought that as we were already two to have these questions, there might be other people outside interested in the answers as well.

This is why we created financiallyfree.ch.

If you want to contact us, you can use blog [at] financiallyfree.ch